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With our combined capabilities, SMC & IPL are committed to offering solutions to your control problems.

  • Products mounted in/on boxes, backplates, frames - rather than a panel, we can supply as an integral part of your existing equipment frame/structure with pneumatics mounted on it.
  • All control components will be wired to terminals or multi-connectors. Electrical communication can be controlled with either our Pneu-Alpha logic controller or a third party PLC; we can use any PLC brand, our defacto would be Mitsubishi, but this is not a limiting factor.
  • With PLC systems we can integrate other non-pneumatic components - contact IPL for details.
  • Programming can be supplied - contact IPL for details.

Pneumatic & Electrical Control Systems

Save cost and benefit from the following advantages:

  • Our design expertise and experience means you will not have to subcontract or hire skilled staff, or learn new skills.
  • Systems are designed using proven techniques - risk is minimised.
  • All systems are fully tested and can be supplied ready to go, for speed of integration into the finished machine/line.
  • Using our labour removes the need to take labour from profitable mainstream tasks.

Do you have the same design of system used many times?

Save cost and benefit from the following

  • Reducing the manufacturing space required for systems build may allow more space for your mainstream business activities, hence increasing revenues and decreasing costs.
  • Subcontracting control systems minimises your on-site work-in-progress and inventory which ties up money (hinders cash flow).
  • A control system will normally comprise a high number of vendor parts.
  • Subcontracting the system will reduce the vendor base along with its attendant benefits of reducing time, higher quality, and lower costs through increased purchasing power.
  • Our ISO 9001 quality control and very high standard of workmanship mean SMC panels ensure a no fuss, right-first-time supply.

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