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The Valvtechnologies low-pressure, trunnion-style, metal-seated ball valves incorporates many of the features of the traditional integrated seat design into a lower-torque, bi-directional valve. The Nextech-1 features a readily adjustable stem sealing design with a four-stud, live loaded, industrial-grade packing gland assembly and offers diamond mate-lapped Tungsten or Chromium Carbide RAM coating on sealing surfaces. The split-body design allows for safety and ease of maintenance and the Grafoil/Inconel seals and packing allow for a high temperature operation. The Nextech-1 is available in sizes from 2" - 12" and in a variety of end connections to meet customer's specifications.

The Nextech-2 model is also available from IPL.


All products by Valvtechnologies are backed with a Manufacturers Guarantee as standard.




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