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XACTROL Severe Service Control Valves

Product Information

The Xactrol™ product group unites Valvtechnologies zero-leakage technology with special designs that allow rotary modulating control. From the Mark I’s design that features a characterized upstream seat to the Mark III’s precision engineered stacked disks, the Xactrol™ allows the customer to combine precise flow control with tight shutoff.

The Xactrol™ is typically used in applications where minimum flow and relatively high differential pressures are required. It is available in sizes from ½" to 36" and ANSI pressure classes from #150 to #4500.


All products by Valvtechnologies are backed with a Manufacturers Guarantee as standard.

Brochure Download

Please download the XACTROL Severe Service Control Valves brochure in
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XACTROL Severe Service Control Valves
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