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IPL operate a Total Valve Management program that provides innovative solutions for efficiently maintaining valve populations and solving valve leakage problems.

Our next-generation thermal and acoustics valve monitoring program is available for all types of valves. TVM is the key solution in helping our customers monitor valve performance and to determine steam leakage. The TVM program utilizes state-of-the-art technology and specialised experience that allow predictive and preventative maintenance programs to be fine-tuned for small or large valve populations. Calculation of related heat loss is accomplished using in-house computer models developed for each typical power plant valve application along with the process temperature and pressure data. The heat loss calculations are accurate to within a 3% margin of error. A detailed survey is then produced to determine valve leakage providing quantitative results (leakage is shown in lbs/hr and MMBtu), not qualitative estimates. The results determine the cost of lost steam, return on investment calculations and are the building blocks of an in-depth history database for predictive replacement analysis. The survey will also compile a repair/replacement list based on safety, economics and reliability regardless of valve type or manufacture. The TVM report will provide objective data necessary to allow the maintenance team to plan outages efficiently.

TVM Plan 'A' - Complete Survey Process

  • Certified TVM technician travels to plant site to perform survey process.
  • Using state-of-the-art equipment that is non-intrusive to the process.
  • Obtaining plant and valve specifics; model number, make, manufacturer, serial number etc.
  • Along with the data collected, a general valve inspection is also performed.
  • Final analysis of the data collected is achieved by thermodynamic modeling.
  • Field report and modeling results are compiled into one concise summary. Results are then entered into a database to complete a plant history and provides and accurate predictive to customer in a short turnaround time.
  • Conducting a heat survey and present the results in a generated report.
  • Assigning tag numbers to all valves that will be included in the program.
  • Identifying valves that are leaking.
  • Determining the most cost effective solution; to repair or to replace.

TVM Plan 'B' - All of the above but with added:

  • Repairing valves where appropriate, regardless of the original manufacturer.
  • Stroking, adjusting and testing the valve and setting limit switches.
  • NDE Services where necessary.
  • Stress relieving services.
  • Constructive management services.
  • Welding services - filing welding reports ad material data sheets.
  • Insulation services - removing old valves and insulation from the system, where necessary.
  • Scaffolding and rigging.
  • Scheduling.
  • Electrical services - reconnecting any wiring and instrument tubing.
  • Mechanical services.

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