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Metal Seated Control Valve

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CV Series: Metal Seated Control Valve for Longer Life in Throttling Applications

Copeland Severe Service CV series offers a ball valve designed with a unique seat arrangement with seats than can be used in throttling applications where traditional globe valves or ball valves would fail.

The CV series ball valve is engineered as a control valve and provides reliable operation and precise valve positioning in the most critical throttling conditions.

The CV series valves can be used in systems that control high pressure steam up to 1200° F (649° C), operate in abrasive or high cycling conditions), and meet EPA and OSHA specifications for containing toxic chemicals.

The CV series valves feature a seat technology, made from self- lubricated, hard surfaced alloys such as tungsten and chrome carbides, impregnated throughout with graphite. This unique seating material provides tight shutoff when paired with the hard coated, super-round ball, which leads to lower torque, greater precision, and longer equipment life.

Seats are available in several standard equal-percentage "V" shapes or linear-characteristic slots, as well as other customized characteristics such as dual-angle, noise/cavitation attenuation, and multistage pressure drop. These features permit the CV valve to be optimized for any specific application, and to be re-configured when system parameters change. Designing custom seats is economical and can create for the user a virtually limitless number of designs.

Unlike traditional control valves, a severe service ball valve design is dedicated to drop-tight, zero-leakage shutoff while the characterized metal seat is used for throttling. The CV valve can bebi-directional and still exceed ANSI Class VI shutoff.

In addition to a choice of seats, the CV series offers a wide variety of alloys and elastomers for corrosion and erosion resistance. The characterized seat design enables the use of exotic materials such as Inconel 600®, Hastelloy C22®, Stellite 6®, or Monel®. A choice of connections includes NPT, SW, BW, Flanges, and compression.

"The CV's unique control valve design is highly customizable and the flow characteristics predictable due to advanced programs for calculating flow paths. " Predictable control combined with the choice of materials and seating options, offer performance features beyond traditional globe control valves.


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